Pine wood Bed

The solid constructed bed bed made out of pine wood has 2 year warranty. 3 crosswise boards in the head area guarantee stiffer construction. Moreover, our bed has wooden bedstead, eight furniture screws and screws. The side of the bed is well connected and mounted on every bed legs using two furniture screws. This guarantee very strong and powerful furniture splice, compering to other manufacturers. Assembly of furniture is extremely easy because head of the bed is already factory-made connected using cleats and glues. The only one thing to do is connecting head of the bed and side frame using appropriate screws. Furthermore, frame has to be held down with batten. Every aperture ready for furniture screws are drilled, and time needed for installation takes only 5 minutes.

Size 90 x 200
82 euro
Size 90 x 200 PW902 82 euro
Size140 x 200 PW142 140 euro
Size 160 x 200 PW162 157 euro
Size 180 x 200 PW182 175 euro